Our View

We believe you can go further than being out of pain. We know relationship is a deeply transformative experience, and one that can change you for the better.  

We fuse Eastern wisdom with Western knowledge. Ancient principles central to mindfulness, meditation and Buddhism, are complemented with cutting-edge research from psychology and neuroscience. We draw on the truths and practices from each discipline to create a welcoming and compassionate space for you to grow.

Dissolving Barriers Between Sacred and Ordinary

Life is inherently relational, making it  impossible to disentangle our personal path from those around us. Intimate relationship has especially deep roots in the heart, mind, and brain, making it one of the most challenging, and grittiest places to integrate our practices. Yet it is also here, in the midst this aspect of life where the greatest opportunities for maturation and integration live.   

At Dharma of Love, we work to dissolve the barriers separating our sacred and ordinary lives. We utilize practices that engage the gates of body, speech and mind. Encompassing  experiences from conflict and decision making to pleasure and sexuality, we help couples align their inner and outer worlds.

Doing the Work and Changing the Brain

Research reveals that our past experiences color how we perceive ourselves, those around us, and the world at large. Distorted perspectives lead to misunderstanding, disconnection, and competition with those who matter most to us. Without commitment to change, there is no hope to break these painful patterns.

Compassion is both the method and the result. Dharma of Love gives couples practical tools to engage with curiosity, intention and focus. Learning to direct our attention, perceive more clearly, and respond effectively naturally deepens love and connection. Cultivating compassionate habits correlates with greater happiness, joy and resilience for you as a couple.

Integrating the Pursuit of Wisdom

Life is too precious to waste—none of us know how much time we get to spend on this planet with our loved ones. Too often, we spend our days chasing goals that don’t fulfil our deepest longings. Ultimately, this leads to a life of suffering. Instinctively, we shy away from pain, rather than leaning in and learning from it. We shut ourselves out from the profound opportunity for greater healing, maturation, and blessing.

By refining perspectives, couples can step into a life of greater wisdom and clarity. The deeper we seek to understand, the more compassion we find, the happier we will be, and the more mutually satisfying our relationship becomes. Our goal at Dharma of Love is to support couples engaging in a process of discovery and realizing long-term and meaningful change.

“In former times, if people wanted to explore the deeper mysteries of life, they would often enter a monastery or hermitage far away from conventional family ties. For many of us today, however, intimate relationship has become the new wilderness that brings us face to face with all our gods and demons. It is calling on us to free ourselves from old habits and blind spots, and to develop the full range of our powers, sensitivities and depths as human beings—right in the middle of everyday life.”
–  John Welwood

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